Magic you are promised and magic is delivered in Megan Hicks’ latest CD No Tricks. Just Magic.
Magic trumps trickery every time.

Hicks has never been in better voice. The sound on this CD is flawless. The stories are tight. When the roller coaster stops, the good guy has won. If only real life could guarantee the same.
— Sean Buvala, curator of
There are few times in a reviewer’s experience when the hairs on the back of his neck rise at the end of a story. Megan Hicks’s evocative writing and spellbinding performance take the listener into a world of blood, smoke, and explosions, reminiscent of THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. ...(H)er performance so engages the listener that it pushed the boundaries beyond a simple telling of a historical episode in a horrific battle and enters the realm of nightmare.
— AudioFile
Groundhogs Meet Grimm is a homerun. A game-winning grand-slam in the bottom of the ninth inning kind of homerun. ...The writing is knowing, witty, chock full of delightful references, and, unlike the popular culture she so expertly skewers, assumes intelligence in the listener.
— Michael Parent, National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence

The first thing you notice when entering Disneyland from the employees' entrance is just how small the park really is. The second thing you notice is that kindred spirits come wearing unlikely uniforms.